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The curious case of monorepos vs multi-repos

The curious case of monorepos vs multi-repos 🔗The discussion about monorepos vs multi-repos is a common one among software engineers, especially those who work in platform and developer tools. The question often comes up in the following forms: “Should we merge all our repos into one?” or “Should we split our repos into multiple repos?” It’s not what you think. 🔗Most of the discussions I’ve seen so far about monorepos focus on the following pros:

Building an Internal Platform Engineering Team, Why and How

Introduction 🔗In this article, we will explore the concept of platform engineering and its importance in modern software development organizations. We will discuss the problems it aims to solve, provide a real-world example, and offer some tips on building an effective platform engineering team. A Story Before We Start 🔗Before diving into the topic of platform engineering, let’s consider a story that illustrates the problem it aims to solve. The story of Namira and her struggles with creating a database

Yubico with gpg, ssh keys, 2FA, and others

How many time did you lose your phone that contains all your 2FA ? or your hard disk along with your private keys, ssh or/and gpg? I did, aloooooot and it was excruciating every time, locked from your accounts, it is more likely to lose your phone/disk or have it damaged than your keychain. YubiKey is a physical hardware device, that can save different type of authentication, GPG keys, ssh keys, 2FA, and even static password.